Metal Bandcamp Gift Club was founded back in 2016, and lived mostly on Twitter. Read how we got started in our interview with Bandcamp.

In late 2019 Seth Werkheiser (one of the co-founders, above) moved everything a newsletter format, with a Twitter account (@MetalBCgiftclub) mostly to build the email list. We moved from Revue, then to Mailchimp, and now here on Substack.

Why did move away from Twitter? Harassment, trolls, abuse, nazis, etc.

In 2022 Bariann Tuite joined the team to help write our birthday emails and other admin tasks. Bariann does social media for animal rights by day, and runs Fiadh Productions by night. Mother of Dogs.


Because when we have a birthday, we send out an email with a link to that person’s wishlist. This can sometimes mean a few emails a week. Or none. Birthdays are like that.

When you subscribe you also get to send me your Bandcamp wishlist + birthday, and then when it’s your birthday I’ll send out an email, and maybe you’ll get an album (or two), hopefully.

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Buy music for people you don't know on the internet. Est 2016.


antifascist animal-supporting dark label Fiadh Productions, animal rights/music social media by day, recovering publicist, Irish/food studies MA student, vegan.