NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM, The Necks, Sarpa, and more
Whitespade, KVAEN, Hellripper, and more
Night Goat, closer, Common Wounds, and more
BlackLab, Emma Ruth Rundle, Los Bitchos, and more
Spectral Lore, Menace Ruine, Hiverlucide and more
URANIUM, Entangled System, QRIXKUOR, and more
Rolo Tomassi, Zeal and Ardor, Ashenspire and more
Loads of great releases spread out over three birthdays
Trespasser, Escuela Grind, Altars, and more
Dysrhythmia, Chelsea Wolfe, Bongzilla, and more
Witch Ripper, Goat, Colpocleisis, and more
ULTHA, Mother of Graves, Peace Vaults, and more